Recent and upcoming speaking engagements

7th November 2017

Digital Startup Ecosystem - Freie Universität Berlin


I will be presenting a Daimler Fleetboard case on digital platforms.

5th October 2017

Future Logistics Meetup - Pre-Junction Gathering


In this meetup we hosted a workshop for developers who are not familiar with developing on Ethereum yet. I helped them get started with the development environment and Solidity language, guided them thru their first smart contracts and deploying it to the test network. I also talked about how to get started building a web application to interact with the smart contract on the blockchain.

23rd August 2017

Future Logistics Meetup - Blockchain meets Logistics


In this meetup I spoke about Blockchain and Smart Contracts and what that actually means. I also talked about two major platforms for Blockchain development: Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. Ethereum is the de facto choice for startups getting started and want to work on the public blockchain to gain an audience where as HyperLedger’s focus is on corporate use cases and private blockchains.