Podcast visits

Discussing the challenges of a CTO

Enginears I recently visited the new podcast from Elliot Kipling in London called Enginears where I got to talk about what is it that we do at Upvest. How we are bridging the gap with the future financial services infrastructure on the blockchain with current way of doing securities trading. Basically building our Upvest Investment API, your one stop shop for integrating investing capabilities in Stocks, ETFs as well as cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets into your product. [Read More]

Swarm logistics

a future vision based on machine-to-machine economy and blockchain

Notice: all opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own and do not represent any official views of Daimler AG or Fleetboard GmbH. Supply chain and blockchain One of the cool things about working in an innovation unit is that you get to work on exciting topics & new technologies and try to figure out how all these bleeding edge technologies figure into your primary business’ future. For the past year, I have been spending a lot of time with Blockchain, and I believe the technology has a lot to offer. [Read More]

Brexit interview

on Politico

Interview in Politico A while back I was approached by Politico magazine about an interview for an upcoming article around tech people leaving the UK as the result of Brexit. I agreed to give my views on it over the phone. The article has been published at https://www.politico.eu/article/tech-brexodus/ Although the article gets the jist of my message, Brexit was only a trigger to an already brewing decision on my (and my family’s) behalf. [Read More]

Verified commits

on Gitlab/Github using GnuPG

Verified commits You’ve all seen these verified commits in Gitlab or Github and are wondering how to do them yourself? Well it’s quite simple really. Let me show how to do it on MacOS. Install Homebrew if you don’t have it. Install GnuPG Install GnuPG Suite Create your gpg-key Upload your public key to Github/Gitlab Configure git to use your key 1. Install Homebrew If you don’t already have Homebrew installed, this is how you do it. [Read More]

Back in Berlin

Impressions after a few months back in Berlin

First months back It’s been roughly 3 months since we moved back to Berlin from London at the start of May. I was traveling a lot for the first few weeks in Stuttgart and Munich for work so didn’t have time to write about it before. I also spent some time in Berlin earlier (in 2008 and 2012 as an expat from Futurice) but this is the first time I’ve properly lived here. [Read More]

Serverless microservices with Azure Functions and DocumentDB

Using Azure Functions in production Background I have been working as an interim CTO in a Lean Service Creation agency here in London for the past year and one of the most interesting pieces of work that has come across my desk was to do a full replatforming for a startup in the event space. They gave me free reign on the technology side to build a futureproof and scalable platform for them. [Read More]

So long London

We're moving to Berlin

We are saying goodbye to Brexit Britain in May after 4 amazing years here. Things we love about London: Tech Scene. Undoubtedly the best place to be in tech outside of Silicon Valley. Culture & science. So much to see and experience for a science geek like myself. People. We’ve met so many lovely and interesting people during our years here who will remain our friends for life. Things we do not like so much: Congestion. [Read More]


Visual Studio Code Extension

I recently discovered a service called Code::Stats. It’s a simple service that tracks how many keystokes you do while editing your source files using plugins to your favourite editors. Each keystore measures as 1 XP or Experience Point. There were already a few plugins available for Atom, Sublime Text 3 and IntelliJ editors but none for my main editor Visual Studio Code. Code::Stats has a simple API so I created an extension to Visual Studio Code for it. [Read More]

MS Accelerator London Cohort 7

Taking part in the judging panel

I was kindly invited to take part in one of the judging panels for cohort 7 in the Microsoft Accelerator in London. Thank you for an interesting day. I was happily surprised at the level of the applicant startups. Most of them were of high quality. The focus was clearly in more established startups rather than very early stage. Each venture had an established team and product already and were looking for Microsoft’s help in scaling/accelerating their business. [Read More]

A Few Tips for Hunting Developer Roles

From a Hiring Manager's Point of View

Background I’ve worked in service creation agencies, big corporations, startups as well as an accelerator. I’ve been hiring for different roles of cross-functional delivery teams for the last years. I am closing in on a hundred hires for development (backend, frontend, mobile), UX, UI, Product Owner, Scrum Master and QA people during these last years. I’ve seen tons and tons of CVs and applications in the Finnish, German and UK markets from all over the world. [Read More]