Podcast visits

Discussing the challenges of a CTO


I recently visited the new podcast from Elliot Kipling in London called Enginears where I got to talk about what is it that we do at Upvest. How we are bridging the gap with the future financial services infrastructure on the blockchain with current way of doing securities trading. Basically building our Upvest Investment API, your one stop shop for integrating investing capabilities in Stocks, ETFs as well as cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets into your product.

The Live Series Podcast

I recently visited David Lawrence at The Live Series Podcast to chat about all kinds of things related to being a CTO like scaling teams, remote working during a pandemic, etc.

You can listen to the episode here:

Venturi’s Voice

I also visited another podcast called Venturi’s Voice earlier in the year while I was still at TransferWise in London.

You can listen to that one here:

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