Back in Berlin

Impressions after a few months back in Berlin

First months back It’s been roughly 3 months since we moved back to Berlin from London at the start of May. I was traveling a lot for the first few weeks in Stuttgart and Munich for work so didn’t have time to write about it before. I also spent some time in Berlin earlier (in 2008 and 2012 as an expat from Futurice) but this is the first time I’ve properly lived here. [Read More]

So long London

We're moving to Berlin

We are saying goodbye to Brexit Britain in May after 4 amazing years here. Things we love about London: Tech Scene. Undoubtedly the best place to be in tech outside of Silicon Valley. Culture & science. So much to see and experience for a science geek like myself. People. We’ve met so many lovely and interesting people during our years here who will remain our friends for life. Things we do not like so much: Congestion. [Read More]